signchro is an advanced digital signage system - consisting of a cloud management interface, powerful yet compact players, and wireless tablet remote apps all designed to work seamlessly together.



Here are just a few of the ways signchro can be used


Pub, Club, Tavern

  • Combines the best features across the range
  • Raffles
  • Slideshows
  • Menus
  • Audio Announcements
  • Compliant ODE of Remembrance

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Standard slideshows for advertising, posters
  • Multiple zones
  • Powerful schedules
  • HD output
  • Audio, Video, Images
  • Free placement


Restaurants, Cafes

  • Visual editing
  • Real-time adjustments from your remote
  • Multiple prices (Members, Guests)
  • Custom formatting
  • Multiple lists at any one time

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Powerful real-time gaming facilities
  • Raffles, Bingo, Members Draw, Wheels
  • Approved RNG
  • Multi-site draws
  • Display winners on remote
  • Run simultaneous games
  • Custom formatting
  • Connects to popular member databases

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Directional & Function
  • Menu
  • Slideshows
  • Scheduling
  • Time & Date
  • Weather


Use the signchro infrastructure to deploy custom apps
  • Free placement
  • Integrate apps with standard signchro objects
  • Write using PHP or Javascript
  • Run multiple apps simultaneously
  • Schedule different apps for different times
  • Authenticated Proxy Connections

Connecting you to the cloud.

With hassle free visual editing & clever tree structuring, always know what your displays will be doing with accuracy down to the second.

Access our vast and ever growing content library for fresh new displays and ideas, with the power to share your creations across multiple players and accounts effortlessly - perfect for your franchise. Our system does the work for you, without you having to work around it.

Creating slideshows and objects is easier than ever. From re-use of existing objects, to automatic slideshow creation - we have refined every process to the minimal amount of effort for maximum gain. Don't go hunting for those options - what you need is on-screen when you need it.

Grab your customers attention with dynamic real-time effects & transitions. Gone are the days of boring static displays, bring yours to life.

This is streamlined signage.

Large content library
No need for costly photo editing software or services – we have built content creation in. Create eye-catching slides and effects by using free resources available via the cloud from signchro and shared by other users like you. World-class graphics, animations, and videos are within reach via a simple searchable content library built right in to your account.
Attention grabbing effects
Rotate, bounce, float, fade and blink any object, just to name a few.
Object Orientated
Save time by using your previous creations more than once. Re-using an object allows you to edit in one place, and adjust the other instances automatically. Allowing you the freedom to create franchise templates, National/State/City level productions, or even unified cross-site raffle, bingo, & members badge draws. If you would like to use an existing creation as a base for a new one, use our copy feature to make an exact duplicate which can be edited independently of the original. Time saved.

Take control of your displays.

Our unique remote control app for Android, iOS, & Windows provides all the controls at your fingertips. With the sleek & intuitive interface you have the power to change all of your displays, groups of displays, or a single displays channel.

Host raffle, bingo, & members badge draws from anywhere on the gaming floor or even from across the planet. Your gaming facilities are now synchronised anywhere you choose displaying the same numbers in real-time. Multi-site gaming has truly arrived.

Adjust item prices or quantities from your fingertips, letting you interact with your customers while keeping in control of your restaurant.

Or even just to keep an eye on your signage network - the status of all your players are visible at a glance.

Device Freedom
With support for all major operating systems and browsers, your staff can comfortably use the devices they are familiar with to control your systems. In addition as the remote is the part of every system that receives the most wear and tear, you don’t need the delays or the expense of waiting for a new propriatary replacement – almost any phone or tablet can fill that role simply within minutes.
Zero configuration
signchro lets you be in control faster and easier than ever before – easier than most tv remote controls. With only one address to remember your device will automatically pick up all available players, channels, raffles, bingo games, members badge draws and items giving you all the information you need with the control you expect at your fingertips.
Instant Message Overlay
For those situations where your clients need to know sooner rather than later. Someone has left their car lights on, sale for 1 hour only, product selling out fast, hurry raffle closes in 15 minutes. Your own custom message can be displayed quickly and easily via your remote to your entire clientbase, and cleared just as eaily once finished.

Welcome to a true Plug and Play system.

Designed for maintenance free operation, once authorised with your account your player will take care of itself. And should anything happen it is a drop-in replacement - no more expensive reconfiguring or costly rebuilding of your displays. Every player stores its content within 60gb of onboard space, to avoid any network outages that may happen. This is enough for all the videos, images, and audio that you can throw at it.

Dual independent hdmi outputs connect directly to hd tvs ensuring the best picture quality for your displays. Utilise the built in wifi and attach your players directly behind their displays, meaning no more long & costly cable runs. Fit your displays seemlessly to your site with both portrait and landscape orientation screens of any size. Our standard HD resolution provides you with vibrant crisp colours, and the room to bring your display to life.

Grab your customers attention with both sight and sound. Connect your player to your audio system for creative and effective audio announcements. With our innovative audio splitting feature you can even have separate audio feeds over each hdmi cable. Less cabling, and you get multiple players in one.

Solid, Supported, Safe.
Signchro players are designed to be as robust as possible. This is why we have built our system on a 64bit server-grade linux to be highly efficient, powerful, and resistant to all virus issues that plague other systems. And should anything manage to get past our specially designed multi-layered watchdog recovery system, each signchro player has a direct connection to the signchro support network giving your displays more time to do what they do best.
‘Plug & Play’er
Our players are designed to be a no-nonsense experience. Take them out of the box, plug them in, and it will do the rest. Gone are the days of costly pre-configuring and complicated IP addresses. The only address you need to know from now on is, our cloud management system accessible from anywhere on the planet.
Picture & sound under your control
With our unique cloning and splitting features, you have one of the most powerful digital signage players available. You can avoid the use of ‘splitters’ by simply cloning the same content over all outputs for hassle free identical displays with audio. Or if you’d like completely independent channels with audio its just as easy. With the powerful signchro firmware you can even join all outputs to act as one large display, or go further and have multiple players act as part of a videowall.

Secure Proxys
Supports authenticated proxy connections
Automatic Backups
Our backups are your backups. All players data and configuration is backed up automatically through our cloud. Don’t panic about losing all that content and data that you have spent thousands on getting just right – your content is safe and sound within the signchro cloud.
One price, not one cent more
What you see on the tag is it. No hidden licences, no ongoing access fees, no restricted firmware. Every player is the real deal giving you a world of content and updates without costing a cent more.
Local content, Global management
l content is stored in the cloud ready for when the devices can fetch it. This makes our devices perfect for low bandwidth or spotty signal deployments such as roadsigns, ferrys, trains, even planes. Should content change by head office while en-route, our players will automatically update themselves once at the destination. Or maybe you would like to use a cellular/mobile/satellite network as the connection which is only available for short periods each day. Our system works flawlessly no matter what connection you throw at it giving you the freedom to focus on the content knowing the deployment just works.
Your new best friend
Incorporated in to each and every player is our multi-layered watchdog system. Specially trained to detect any errors that may occur in the day to day operations, and automatically recover your player back to fully functioning status. Less support calls, and he doesn’t bite.
One touch recovery
While signchro has proven robust after extensive testing we understand every system can have its off days. For those we have implemented our one touch recovery system to get you back up and running promptly without any extra equipment, expensive service calls or troubleshooting. Your player will clean all its contents and reload itself to be as good as new, automatically.

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A completely automated content distribution system bringing together the cloud, mobile apps, media players and people

signchro is supported by a team of multimedia artists and software developers who have created & continue to support some of the top digital signage solutions in use today

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