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Our new 60 second TV spot of signchro features

We have just put the finishing touches on our new signchro introduction video, which jumps through some of the more prominent features that signchro provides. Please take a minute (exactly!) to watch through and see that signchro is the product is for you.

New portrait Live TV content template

Adjustments have been made to the Cloud Management Interface to allow for quick sizing on portrait displays. This allows for rapid creation of content such as depicted in the menu above which is being driven from a single player configured via the cloud.

TV isn’t a requirement, but it will keep the attention of your clients and in turn increase exposure to your advertising positioned nicely underneath.

The template is merely a suggestion however, with free positioning of items allowing you to create the look you are after with all the required tools and features built in.

The above image has only one live feed whereas if you have the capacity, up to two live tv feeds can be displayed simultaneously on each player. That same feed can be displayed on each and every player on your site with no extra hardware requirements. Bring your displays to life!

Windows 8.1 & Windows Phone added to supported Wireless Remote devices

Windows 8.1 & Windows Phone added to supported Wireless Remote devices

Hot on the heels of the new Windows 8.1 release – and recent Windows Phone Amber update – we are proud to announce full compatibility with Windows devices as a Wireless Remote for signchro players.

This brings official support and a consistent appearance to the 3 main players in the mobile space – Android, iOS, & now Windows Phone. Should you have an existing device that runs one of the mentioned Operating Systems, there is no need to purchase any additional hardware to use your signchro players to their full ability.

Additionally should you not have a wireless device such as a phone or tablet, a laptop or desktop system will do nicely as will most devices with a modern web browser.

Increase your advertising exposure by showing TV channels alongside your content

We are excited to announce that all signchro players have the ability to display true local tv channels within your content for a more vibrant and eye-catching display.

Your local tv stations can be positioned and resized to fit any area you’d like – from a small picture in picture overlay, to full screen, or even in a template style with your advertising alongside and a ticker beneath. Expand beyond what has previously been possible, by scheduling your favourite morning show alongside your menu, and swapping to a fullscreen menu when its over automatically.

Show two different programs with the one player – one for the bar, the other for the coffee shop – completely independent of eachother.

All of this functionality is included automatically with each and every player we sell, no licences, no ongoing fees to pay.

Happy channel surfing!

Adjust menus & directional signs directly from your remote control

If you are a Chef, Duty manager, or Concierge, we have an update for you.

All items that form menus or directional signs are now fully adjustable from your remote control – whether you are at your desk, on-site, or on the other side of the planet. All aspects of the items can be modified from the title, description, all price & time fields, and stock levels. As a bonus you can even switch the item on or off if you have run out of that item, or the event is over. This way the item can be re-used and adjusted for the next event or meal to take its place.

This allows for effortless updating of your specials boards, and your event wayfinder signs. Items are grouped via the menus they belong to for easy access, and all changes made are synchronised across all players automatically – as is the case with all signchro content.

This update has been automatically rolled out to all players and is available for use immediately.